Sheathing Package System

NEOTHERM rendering systems, is the best investment you will make your building. 

Its expertise in EPS to the exterior sheathing system is also looking to move Dilekp, NEOTHERM wrapping all the necessary research and development to create the package work has been completed.

NEOTHERM benefits package Mantolama

  • NEOTHERM, the building's internal environment and external balances the distribution of heat between the walls. In this way, comfortable, moisture and provides a healthy living environment.
  • Your building, to the harsh effects of external conditions and protects against condensation-induced damage and extends the life.
  • NEOTHERM exterior thermal insulation systems and decorative coatings applied to buildings adds a stylish look.
  • Use less energy and less harmful gas emissions is an environmentally friendly solution for providing.
  • In buildings with exterior insulation will be installed capacities of heating and cooling systems will be lower, so the amount of investment in this type of equipment is reduced.